Pet Insurance

Everyone who has a pet will understand how important it is to have veterinary insurance cover in the event that your beloved pet falls ill or requires a vets expert help. There is no doubt that vets and veterinary surgeons are well qualified and are just a capable as a medical doctor or surgeon when it comes to giving the right diagnosis and treatment for your pet. The main question is how do you pay for the veterinary bill once your pet has had veterinary treatment? Vet bills are expensive and are not covered by your own medical insurance or the health service.

Pet insurance is the best option for you and does give some peace of mind if your pet needs veterinary treatment and you have to make a claim against your pet insurance whether you live in the UK or elsewhere. This area of insurance is quite tricky and it is very important that you check the exemptions and clauses that apply to your pet insurance. There are various levels of cover and each will attract a different pet insurance quote. It is also worth bearing in mind that many pet insurance policies only cover the first episode of veterinary medical treatment that your pet may experience. For instance, a case was reported to me recently where a couples basset hound dog underwent treatment and surgery for irritable bowel syndrome. The veterinary bill exceeded £1500.00 and is covered by their pet insurance policy for this first episode of irritable bowel syndrome. The couples main concern now is that any further episodes of irritable bowel syndrome will not be covered by their pet insurance premium. This means that they will have to pay for the veterinary treatment themselves and will not be able to make a claim against their pet insurance policy. The pet insurance will still be valid if your pet develops a different condition – for example an injury that is sustained which is unrelated to the irritable bowel syndrome.

The above case study illustrates how important it is to check in advance what is covered by the pet insurance quote you receive when considering the cost of pet insurance. Pet insurance works in a similar manner to any other type of insurance but there is a lot a small print which it is essential you understand and read prior to taking out a pet insurance policy. It is often a good idea to talk with your pets vet before taking out pet insurance to gain their valuable insight into which pet insurance companies offer the best pet insurance and coverage levels that they know of in their experience. Remember it is their job and they will hear over and over again which pet insurance policies perform the best. So take their advice if they are willing to give it. They probably won’t be able to recommend but they can say whether or not they know of any problems with a particular pet insurance company.

Also worth noting when researching pet insurance is the amount of any compulsory excess that you will have to pay in the event of an insurance claim.